Certified Green Roofer

Tedrick’s Roofing is committed to doing our part to protect the environment. As a company and as individuals we strive to conserve energy, preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

That’s why we are especially proud to have received the prestigious Certified Green Roofer designation from GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. This acclaimed program was designed by GAF in cooperation with the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize roofing contractors who take steps to be environmentally responsible, and who embrace sustainable business practices.

Among the practices Tedrick’s Roofing undertakes that make us one of the “greenest” roofing companies in Seattle and environs are:

  • Asphalt shingle recycling. Every year approximately 11 million tons of shingle waste is generated. Tedrick’s Roofing participates in a shingle recycling program that repurposes old asphalt shingles, converting them for use in renewing America’s highways. We separate asphalt shingles from other debris removed in the roofing process, and we even remove and recycle the nails!
  • Solar powered roof ventilation. Tedrick’s Roofing is a certified installer of Solar Blaster attic fans, a self-contained ventilation system that helps keep your attic cool and prevents moisture build up – all without using additional electrical resources. They even work great in a cloudy environment like Seattle.
  • Advanced training. Our company participates in U.S. Green Building Council-approved training to enhance our knowledge of sustainable building practices.
  • Cool roofs. We are experts in the design and installation of “cool roofs” which use advanced materials to reduce the heat load on roofs, which reduces the energy cost of cooling interior air.
  • Skylights. We install high quality skylights and sky tunnels that bring natural light into a home, helping to reduce the reliance on electrical lighting.

Taken together, they initiatives and company policies add up to make Tedrick’s Roofing the Seattle roofing company that is doing the most to help protect and preserve our planet, while helping our customers to reduce their energy use and monthly energy costs.