Solar Fans

Keeping your attic free from moisture and in balance with exterior temperatures serves to protect it from damage and to reduce home energy costs. Tedrick’s Roofing is pleased to offer Solar Blaster™, an attic ventilation solution that not only performs exceptionally well, but is also solar powered to eliminate the need for electrical support.

Trapped heat and moisture that build up in your attic can attack your Seattle roofing system, reducing its expected service life. Heat build up is also the primary cause of treacherous ice dams, which form along the roof’s edge when warmer interior temperatures melt snow and ice on the roof deck, only to have it refreeze at roof’s edge, causing water to back up under your shingles and into your home.

The patent-pending Solar RVOBLASTER™ roof ventilation fan actively pulls moisture from your attic space, reducing the build up of heat and moisture that can be damaging. Solar RVOBLASTER™ fans draw heat and moisture from the interior of your home, helping to extend the expected life of the roof, prevent growth of mold and mildew, and balance the temperature of the attic with the outside temperature.

Solar RVOBLASTER™ ventilation fans are powered by solar energy, with no need for electrical wiring installation. They can be quickly and easily installed on practically any roof, and will immediately begin improving the quality of air in the attic space. You’ll also notice that your home becomes more comfortable and your air conditioning costs will be reduced.

These remarkably efficient ventilation fans are also available in a ridge-mounted model, the Solar RIDGEBLASTER™, which installs along the roof’s peak for even more efficient removal of heated air and moisture.

Contact Tedricks’ Roofing to discover how Solar RVOBLASTER™ or Solar RIDGEBLASTER™ solar-powered heating fans can help extend the life of your roof while protecting it from heat build-up, moisture and ice dams – all using the power of the sun!

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