How Can You Tell if You Need a New Seattle Roofing System?


Many homeowners have no idea there is a problem with their roof until it starts to leak, or is damaged in a storm. However, looking for signs of wear or aging ahead of time can often result in our being able to make repairs that can extend the life of your roof without a complete replacement.

Still, there comes a time when a roof is simply too old, worn or damaged to repair. Here are signs to look for that may indicate you need to hire an expert in roof replacement and roof repair Auburn to replace your roof:

  1. Granules accumulating in the gutter, a sign that shingles have become worn
  2. Several missing shingles from different parts of the roof
  3. Shingles that are curled or cracked, indicating they are dried out and failing
  4. Excessive mold or moss growing on the roof
  5. Dampness or dark patches on the underside of the roof deck (visible from the attic)
  6. Discolored streaks along exterior walls, indicating rain washing down
  7. Missing or loose flashing around chimneys, valleys and vent pipes
  8. Frequent build up of ice dams in the gutters during the winter
  9. On metal roofs, rust spots or rusty streaks
  10. On wood shake roofs, split or splintering shakes

If you see any of these signs on your Seattle roofing system, call the experts at Tedrick’s Roofing to conduct a complete inspection and assessment of your roof’s condition. We’ll provide a written evaluation and “plan of action” for repair or replacement. Don’t wait until your roof starts to leak and threatens the structure of your home.

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