Why Wind is Your Seattle Area Roof’s Worst Enemy


The purpose of your Seattle or Tacoma roofing system is to protect you and your family from the weather. You might think that keeping you dry and safe through our region’s frequent rain and snow events is enough. But the Seattle and Tacoma region is also home to high winds that can damage a roof and weaken its ability to perform at its peak. When high winds strike, it is time to call Tedrick’s Roofing.

Damages caused by wind can include loose shingles, torn off shingles, loosened ridge vents, gapped flashing, and damage to gutter systems. Any level of damage can open your roof up to the next rainsquall or snowstorm, allowing water and moisture to enter your home and cause structural damage.

Wind damage on your Seattle roofing system or Tacoma roofing system is not always obvious. The only way to be completely certain is to have an on-roof inspection conducted by a trained Seattle, Tacoma, or Auburn roofing system from Tedrick’s Roofing. We’ll be able to identify and quantify any damage, and recommend both immediate and long-term fixes.

Our goal is always to make sure your home and family are protected by a roofing system that retains its full integrity and performs as it was designed to do.

When wind damages your Tacoma roof or Seattle roof, make the call to your best and safest choice for roof repair Federal Way: Tedrick’s Roofing. Call us at (206) 824-3440 for complete emergency services and wind damage repair.

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