The Tedricks Team

Meet the Tedrick’s Seattle Roofing Contractors

A company is only as good as its people, and Tedrick’s Roofing has the best in the business! Our professional Seattle roofing experts have superior skills and professional experience that combine to deliver the best roofing experience for you.
Here are some of the key players on the Tedrick’s Roofing team:

Top Seattle Roofer Jim Tedrick
Owner and Operator of Tedrick’s Roofing Inc

Jim Tedrick is the owner and operator of Tedrick’s Roofing Inc.. He grew up in Federal Way, WA where his family owned Tedrick Bros. Mfg.. This family owned company was in business for more than 40 years. There are still many homes around today with custom kitchen cabinets made by Tedricks. Because of the quality and superior workmanship they have held up for all these years, Jim inherited the same entrepreneurial thinking as his father and started his own Roofing Company in 1981. Because of hard work and quality workmanship, he has stayed in business for over 30 years. When he first started he did all the work himself, from complete tear offs to nailing on composition shingles & shake roofs. The first employees were hired when Tedrick’s Roofing started applying hot tar roofs. He has been hands on in all parts of the business! More Seattle roofers were hired as the business grew and so did his family. In 1984 he moved to a small farm in Auburn, WA where his wife and daughter raise and show Arabian horses. His son is a gifted musician and is currently attending college. Jim now oversees all aspects of the business & performs final inspections to insure the quality of the job and to make sure the customer is completely satisfied! He is a stickler on final clean-ups, making sure that many times your home looks even nicer than when we started! After this many years in business and now getting many repeat customers & many customers from referrals, we must be doing a great job!

John Tedrick
Sales Manager

Our salesman John Tedrick has grown up and lived in the Federal Way area his whole life. He has just recently moved to Milton after finding the right home for him and his two large dogs. John has owned and operated Tedrick’s Power Wash for over 15 years. He is very familiar with all types of roofs and has serviced many roofs that not only needed cleaning but also were in need of repairs or treatments to prolong the life of the roof. So he is well versed in all types of roofs and has seen all types of problems on the roofs, which makes it easier for him to spot problem areas when he is estimating a roofing proposal for our customers! John has worked for Tedrick’s Roofing Inc. for the past seven years, his easygoing personality makes for a great working relationship between our company and our customers. He is an extremely hard worker and enjoys his job and all the people he has the opportunity to meet over the years. When he takes time off he heads east of the mountains where he has purchased land and is building a place to retire someday. But for the time being we are fortunate to have his winning smile and great attitude working for us!

Brian Durbin
Seattle Roofer & Leak Repair Specialist

Brian Durbin, he is our leak repair specialist. He has lived in the South King county area for the last 35 years. He has worked for our company for 15 years, before that he ran his own roofing company. He specializes in leak repairs, which is a job that takes a lot of knowledge and familiarity of all types of roofs. He is also an expert on sky light installation and the very popular solar tubes! Over the years, he has saved many homeowners from the expense of a new roof installation, as he was able to extend the life of their existing roof. We offer a roof maintenance program that he oversees, many homeowners have found this to be very beneficial. Brian works on composition roofs, shake roofs and one-ply membrane flat roofs. He has pretty much worked on all types of residential and commercial roofs. He has been a reliable and a very valuable employee for our company for many years. Residing in the Lakeland Hills area with his family for the last five years he has become a very well liked member of the community. He tries to stay involved with what is going on in his neighborhood on his days off and spend as much time as possible with his family. He is one of the most experienced roofers Seattle has to offer in the challenging area of finding and repairing leaks, and has become one of the leading specialists in the business.