Roofing Contractor in Federal Way Now Offers Deck Additions and Covers

Through the years, our services here at Tedrick’s Roofing, Inc. have evolved to meet the demands of the industry and, most especially, our clients’ needs. Recently, the company decided to offer our services to homeowners who are looking to add … Continue reading

Roofing Contractor in Auburn Now Offers Full-Service Roof Repairs

In line with our commitment to providing the best service for our customers, we at Tedrick’s Roofing, Inc. are proud to announce that our services will now include both interior and exterior repairs. This new development makes us a full-service … Continue reading

Differences between a Bonded and an Insured Roofing Contractor in Kent

If you do a background check on a roofing contractor in Kent, that person may show as bonded or insured. On the surface, a bonded contractor seems the same as an insured one. Both, after all, keep you from paying … Continue reading

Des Moines Roofing tips to check the Roof for Issues during winter

All too often our best intentions of preparing our homes for the winter season just don’t happen and we don’t manage to prepare the outside of our home, especially our roofs in time for winter. Despite that possibility, one can … Continue reading

Let a Dependable Auburn Roofing Contractor Assess Your Roof for You

While a regular roof inspection reveals unnoticed roof problems, it can also be challenging to decide whether you should opt for repair or replacement. Unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on any homeowner’s budget. Likewise, it pays to reflect on certain … Continue reading

Hire Reliable Des Moines Roofing Experts to Work on Your Slate Roof

In this area of Washington, our rain is often just a mist or light rain but occasionally we have strong winds that reach tornado like speeds any time of year. Considering that most American homes are topped with asphalt shingles, … Continue reading

Make Metal Roofs Winter-ready Courtesy of a Kent Roofing Contractor

Although winter didn’t officially begin until December 21, Kent, WA residents have already experienced many different types of winter precipitation. While the occasional snow makes Kent landscapes postcard-pretty, it can definitely wreak havoc on residential roofing systems. Naomi Millen of … Continue reading

How a Roofing Contractor in Federal Way Repairs Wind-damaged Roofs

Residents of Washington state are no strangers to rain; after all, Washington experiences copious amounts of it throughout the year. However, in the first week of November, residents of Western Washington, including Tacoma and Federal Way, were likely caught by … Continue reading

Kent Roofing Contractor Offers Quality Skylights in Different Styles

Kent, Washington (September 27, 2013) – Tedrick’s Roofing, Inc., a reliable roofing contractor in Kent, is offering quality skylights that can let homeowners enjoy natural light in their homes, even during the coming winter. The skylights also come in different … Continue reading

Auburn Roofing Contractor Now a Member of Auburn Valley Humane Society

Auburn, Washington (September 27, 2013) – Tedrick’s Roofing, Inc. has been named a charter member of the Auburn Valley Humane Society, a local group that focuses on animal care. The organization inducted the experienced roofing contractor in Auburn as a … Continue reading