Derecho is every summer season’s storm in stealth mode

Summer has indeed arrived and if you think that you are already safe from storms and hurricanes, then you have been terribly misinformed. There is a warm-weather phenomenon called “derecho” (derived from the Spanish word meaning “straight”), that happens usually … Continue reading

How can you prevent rats from infesting your roof?

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Help stop our planet’s deterioration and be environmentally responsible

With our planet in constant global crisis due to pollution from our own doing, we as its inhabitants can’t risk abusing Mother Nature any longer. The effects of the abuse we inflict on our surroundings are manifesting in our climate; … Continue reading

Look for contractors who’ll give you the service you pay for

A home improvement job this summer isn’t an easy project to start and it isn’t cheap either so you should really think long and hard before starting one. There are several parts to be considered: siding, roof, gutters, windows, etc. … Continue reading

Prepare for the High Temperatures: Install a Cool Roof

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Spring Maintenance and Inspection Tips for Your Gutters and Roof

The spring makes for an ideal season for homeowners who want to perform general home cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. In line with this, The News Tribune offered some spring maintenance tips that Washington residents can utilize. One the points given … Continue reading

Saving electricity is the job of every person, not just the government

An article recently posted in Washington Daily News reports that the Washington Utilities Operations is set to upgrade electric grids, promising better service to residents in the area:

How to Increase the Value of Your Federal Way Property

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Consider New Roofing When Warmer Weather Rolls In

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Keep Your Roof Over Your Head and Your Money in Your Pocket By Avoiding Roofing Scams

While searching for a good roofing contractor in Kent, make sure that you don’t allow yourself to get taken advantage of in the process. While there are several reputable companies out there, there are also individuals who prey on home … Continue reading