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Residential Roofing Series: Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles

Your home needs to be able to cope with the various challenges that the Pacific Northwest weather presents. The best way to prepare is getting your roof back in good condition. Remember, it’s your primary defense against the elements. If you’ve been looking to make upgrades to your Des Moines roofing, Tedrick’s Roofing may be able to help. In this entry we discuss the benefits and features of both ... More

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GAF is BUILDER’s 2015 Top Roofing Shingles Provider

GAF, one of the most trusted brand names in the roofing industry, has been helping North American homes become more beautiful, energy-efficient, and weather-tight for many years. Because of this commitment to providing top-quality roofing products, the company was once again voted “No. 1 in Quality Ratings” and as the “Brand Used the Most” in BUILDER’s Brand Use Study. This is the ninth time in ... More

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Tools of the Trade: Installations and More

Roof installation is the first step in ensuring your home is protected from the elements for a long time. When done properly, you end up with a roof that is both beautiful and efficient. Key to this is finding great roofers—like those here at Tedrick’s Roofing. And one way to tell professionals from those who are not is by checking if they have the tools necessary to get the job done right. ... More

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Tools of the Trade: Cleaning & Maintenance

A home’s roof is its primary shield against the elements. It’s also the single largest structural component of your house. That’s why maintenance is both very important and also extremely tough to undertake. While it might be tempting to go at it yourself, there’s nothing better than going for professional, truly quality cleaning and maintenance like what we offer at Tedrick’s Roofing. It’s your ... More

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Tedrick’s Roofing: Roofing Maintenance & Repair

Before the warmest season of the year starts, your roof probably had to endure the constant April showers; this can cause severe damage on your roof. April showers may not have been that hard-hitting, but the continuous barrage of water on your roof can make any Des Moines roofing material, especially shingles, deteriorate faster, and cause numerous problems for you in your home. ... More

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Benefits of Solar-Powered Ventilation Fans

Did you know that attic ventilation plays a huge role in you roof's overall performance? Attic ventilation helps create a healthy dose of airflow in your attic, which can provide long term benefits for different types of roofing. ... More

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Tedrick’s Roofing: Summer Preparation Tips

Summer is just about to start and it's that time of the year again when we can enjoy outdoor activities like barbecues, gardening , and basking in the sun. We definitely love Washington State's warm and dry summer season, especially since the region receives a huge amount of rainfall throughout the year. ... More

List of Popular House Styles & Different Roof Types

Every house is unique. Each has its own architectural style and feel, accentuated by lovely interior and exteriors parts. Different architectural styles make a home stand out from other houses, even if it’s part of a historic neighborhood. ... More