List of Popular House Styles & Different Roof Types

Every house is unique. Each has its own architectural style and feel, accentuated by lovely interior and exteriors parts. Different architectural styles make a home stand out from other houses, even if it’s part of a historic neighborhood. ... More

4 Commercial Roofing Tips You Should Know and Live By

Some of the things that you should watch out for when planning to install a roof for a commercial building are its durability and energy efficiency. Why? Durable roofing can save you a lot of money, as this will protect your building effectively for a long time. Energy-efficient roofs help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, making you rely less on your HVAC systems. ... More

Roofing Projects: Why It’s Best to Hire a Local

We all know that the roof is one of the most important parts of our home. It protects us and everything we own from whatever the skies throw at us. It also plays a huge role in our home’s exterior appearance, which makes it a vital component if you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal. With its importance in our home’s overall performance, you can’t just settle for anything less if you’re ... More

Need Roof Work? Forget About Hiring Solicitors, Hire A Pro!

Do solicitors go around your neighborhood and start offering to repair your roof? Does this happen especially after severe weather passes through your area? If one of these solicitors knocks on your door, what do you do? While they may offer bargain prices for their services and products, it may end up costing you more in the long run. When roofing solicitors show up, politely decline whatever ... More

Commercial Roofing Maintenance: A Way to Save

Any reliable roofing contractor in Auburn knows that the key to savings when it comes to commercial roofing is to have it constantly inspected and maintained. Many people might be hesitant to do this because it might not make sense at first to put more money out on a regular basis for maintenance, especially when the roof has no obvious damage. You’ll find, however, that the little bits you spend ... More

A Better Roofing Investment: Add Insulation

Usually, by the time you opt for new roofing, something bad has already gone down—or you just really like a new look. Whichever the reason, getting new roofing in Kent WA opens the door to an even bigger opportunity that can help save you money in the long run: new insulation. ... More

Weather in Washington: The Roofs That Matter

What many homeowners eventually come to realize during a reroofing project is that picking a roofing material is often not limited to aesthetics. It’s important to factor in the climate and accompanying weather in your area to get roofing in Federal Way WA that really lasts. ... More

The 5 Roofing Errors That Lead to Leaks

Well-installed Federal Way roofing has no problems, such as leaks. It’s a key indicator of professionalism in a roofing company when they avoid making major goofs in installation. If you’re having a new roof put up, you should know common problems that may occur during and after installation. ... More

Part 3: Ensuring the Success of Your Roofing Project before It Begins – The Talk

Parts One and Two of this series covered the paperwork and numbers involved in your roofing project. To wrap up our discussion on Ensuring the Success of Your Roofing Project before It Begins, we’ll talk about “The Talk”, that crucial first interview and consultation with your contractor. The first meeting between you and your contractor should come with no strings attached—that is, no paperwork ... More