How Tedrick’s Roofing Can Help Keep Your Roof Healthy

We all know that the roof plays a huge role in keeping us safe from the elements. It keeps us dry when it’s raining, warm when it’s cold outside, and cool on hot summer days. Given all these reasons, it’s only natural that we should observe proper maintenance for our roofs. ... More

Professional Tip: What Contracts Should Include

Getting your roof done is one of the biggest home improvement investments you will need to make at least once in your lifetime. And for big investments such as these, you would naturally want to make sure that the project will be hassle-free and that you’ll be getting what you paid for. ... More

Residential Roofing Series: Reasons to Install Wood Shakes

Wood shake roofs have been gaining popularity these days thanks to the boost they provide to a home’s curb appeal. Some people confuse them with shingles since their only difference is how they are made. Wood shakes are hand split and not sawed. They are made from a larger piece of wood and are thicker at the end. ... More

Reasons to Install Glenwood™ Shingles in Des Moines Homes

GAF Corporation, one of the leading roof manufacturers in the US, recently released a new product. Glenwood™ Shingles joins GAF’s list of Ultra-Premium Collection of Lifetime Designer Shingles. They combine the beauty of a genuine wood-shake look with the benefits of asphalt shingles. ... More

Energy Efficiency

3 Common Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Summer can definitely make things uncomfortable at home. To beat the heat, many households turn to their cooling systems. With that constant reliance on AC units during summer, it may be possible that you’re experiencing higher energy costs. Most people are looking for energy-efficient solutions that can help keep homes cool and energy bills low. ... More

Home Renovation

Gaining Confidence in the Home Renovation Industry

Houzz recently released its Q2 2015 Houzz Renovation Barometer Report. This is the site’s way of tracking confidence among professionals within the industry. Based on the report, more than 2/3 of industry professionals have stated that their 2015 year-to-date revenues have been at or above the pre-recession level. One in 5 of these companies have also reported that their profits were significantly ... More

Slate: A Long-Lasting Material for Your Roof

Your home relies on your roofing system to keep it protected. With a good and sturdy roof over your head, you are ensured safe and comfortable living. Choosing the right Des Moines roofing material is an important factor to consider when building a home, and one of the most beautiful and most popular roofing materials available today is slate. Here are the top reasons why homeowners choose slate ... More

Solar Fans: Your Way to a Cooler Home

As more people become aware of the negative effects of greenhouse gases, there has been an increase in the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources. The use of solar energy is gradually becoming more widespread because of the benefits it provides. These days, many homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce their energy bills and at the same time, protect Mother Earth. Some even use ... More