Take Care of that Leaking Roof As Soon As Possible!

Having a leaking roof can be a headache for any homeowner. Although we are experiencing a beautiful time of year right now and it’s been relatively dry, we all know that come October or November, the rains will again begin … Continue reading

Upgrading Your Roof? Consider Installing Skylights Too

Have you been counting the number of years your roof has served you? Are you looking to replace your tired, worn-out shingles any time now? Well, if you are, whether the reason is for aesthetics or even for more practical … Continue reading

Solar-Powered Attic Fans Can Help Make Your Home Cooler

We’ve certainly had some warm spells this summer, with some parts of our area reaching the dreaded 90 degree mark for a day or two.  Even though most of our summer high temperatures are in the mid 70s-80s, does your … Continue reading

A Winning Home: Follow Germany’s Green Roofing Example

FIFA World Cup fanatics sure never missed a kick, especially during the gripping final match that was won by Germany, 1-0, in extra time, at the expense of Argentina. Clint Dempsey and the rest of our National Team fought gallantly … Continue reading

Derecho is every summer season’s storm in stealth mode

Summer has indeed arrived and if you think that you are already safe from storms and hurricanes, then you have been terribly misinformed. There is a warm-weather phenomenon called “derecho” (derived from the Spanish word meaning “straight”), that happens usually … Continue reading

How can you prevent rats from infesting your roof?

We as homeowners are often only worried about the harsh weather and how it damages our homes, particularly the roof. But did you know that there is a kind of problem that is small but nonetheless as hazardous? They may … Continue reading

Help stop our planet’s deterioration and be environmentally responsible

With our planet in constant global crisis due to pollution from our own doing, we as its inhabitants can’t risk abusing Mother Nature any longer. The effects of the abuse we inflict on our surroundings are manifesting in our climate; … Continue reading

Look for contractors who’ll give you the service you pay for

A home improvement job this summer isn’t an easy project to start and it isn’t cheap either so you should really think long and hard before starting one. There are several parts to be considered: siding, roof, gutters, windows, etc. … Continue reading

Prepare for the High Temperatures: Install a Cool Roof

If there is one thing you can’t entirely trust to be constant, it’s the weather. Just recently, a brief heat wave struck parts of Washington State. KOMO News captured some photos showing how residents of Seattle tried to beat the … Continue reading

Spring Maintenance and Inspection Tips for Your Gutters and Roof

The spring makes for an ideal season for homeowners who want to perform general home cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. In line with this, The News Tribune offered some spring maintenance tips that Washington residents can utilize. One the points given … Continue reading