Good Reasons to Work with a GAF® Master Elite™ Roofer

Most homeowners invest in roof replacement only once in their lifetime. This project is one of the largest and most complex investments there is. GIven you roof’s essential role in keeping your home damage-free, you need to make sure you can make the most of the project. This means hiring a reliable roofing contractor for the job. ... More

4 NRCA Guidelines on Choosing the Right Roofer

Hiring a reliable roofer to work on your project can be tricky. After all, you’ll be relying on their expertise to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish. Fortunately, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has guidelines that can help you pick the right one for the job. ... More

Detecting Roof Leaks: 3 Areas You Should Focus On

Roof leaks can be annoying, and they can worsen over time and leave your home vulnerable to water damage. For this reason, you need to make sure your roofing in Kent, WA, remains healthy and leak-free. You can do this by inspecting the areas in your home where water penetration is likely. Tedrick’s Roofing, your reliable roofing company, shares some of the areas you should focus on. ... More


Signs to Replace Your Commercial Roof and the Best Solutions

Water leaks, missing shingles or tiles, and daylighting through the decking are signs that you need to replace your commercial roof. Damp insulation is also a red flag that your roofing system needs an upgrade. Without any visible damage, its old age should convince you enough that it merits a replacement. After all, constant exposure to extreme conditions and poor maintenance would accelerate its ... More


Storm and Wind Damage: Our Expert Emergency Services

Storm and wind damage are inevitable. Old roofing materials will not last long against extreme weather conditions. When rough weather compromises your roof, don’t panic. Big or small, you should schedule for a thorough inspection and professional roof repair in Auburn. To avoid fly-by-night roofers, call Tedrick’s Roofing instead for emergency services. Here’s why: ... More


4 Ways Cool Roofing is Beneficial

Cool roofing is becoming a reasonable investment for many homeowners. Considering their long list of practical benefits, no wonder metal and asphalt roofing solutions comprise a large share of the market. As your partner in sustainable living, Tedrick’s Roofing explains the many advantages you get from this type of Kent roofing system: ... More


Reasons Metal Roofs Are a Popular Eco-Friendly Choice

Based on a recent study from Dodge Data and Analytics, metal roofing saw an increase in market share in North America. , From 8% in 2014, it increased to 11% the next year. According to the survey, homeowners choose metal for their roofs because of its energy-efficient and sustainability features. ... More


What Makes a Good Commercial Roof?

If you are like most property owners, your commercial building is probably your main source of income or where you perform your business. Naturally, you would want it to be well-protected at all costs. You can start by carefully choosing a commercial roof. Trusted Des Moines roofing contractor Tedrick’s Roofing shares the top features that you should look for in commercial roofing. ... More


Giving Back to the Troops with GAF® Roofs for Troops

Tedrick’s Roofing takes pride in being a roofer certified by GAF®, one of the most recognized names in the roofing industry. However, besides being a GAF Master Elite® roofer, we are also happy that we are given the chance to offer the Roofs for Troops program. As your trusted roofing contractor in Kent, we are honored to share with you what this program means and entails. ... More


5 Things That Make Tedrick’s Roofing a Green Roofer

Not all roofers are the same, and not all roofers commit to environmental conservation. Tedrick’s Roofing, the roofing contractor Federal Way homeowners trust, is proud to share with you the measures we take to give back to the environment in the best way we can. Read on to learn about the services and practices that we offer to help save the planet. ... More