Top 3 Factors That Determine Wind Damage

Strong winds, while often underrated, can cause severe damage to your house. These can loosen and detach shingles and ridge vents. They can also cause damage to your flashing and gutter systems or worse, carry debris that inflicts more severe … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why a Contractor Needs Insurance and Licenses

You might have heard a few home improvement horror stories from our friends or relatives. Maybe it’s the story of how a contractor botched the job because of substandard work or materials. Perhaps it’s because of an uninsured mishap. It … Continue reading

Tedrick’s Roofing Inc. Getting Website Makeover

Tedrick’s Roofing Inc. is excited to announce that we are in the process of redesigning our website to give you a better user experience.

GAF Master Elite™ Vs. GAF Certified™: What’s the Difference?

Contractors for roofing in Federal Way WA, to be noted as professional and reliable, make every effort to earn affiliations, licenses, certifications, and awards. Of course, they have to go through rigid industry standards and comprehensive training that are geared … Continue reading

Part Three: Why Cool Roofs Are Hot – Increased Property Value

In the final installment of the Why Cool Roofs Are Hot series, we’ll take a look at the different reasons why a house with a cool roof is a hot commodity.

Part Two: Why Cool Roofs Are Hot – Extended Roof Service Life

In Part One of this series, we talked about how a cool roof can reduce your household’s cooling needs by up to 15 percent and slash a hefty bit off of your monthly energy bills. Today, we’ll show you how … Continue reading

Part One: Why Cool Roofs Are Hot – Enery Savings

Why Cool Roofs Are Hot In a world where trapped heat is causing all sorts of ecological issues, it is a small wonder that cool roofs are steadily gaining ground. The simple yet revolutionary way these roof systems reflect the … Continue reading

Attic Insulation: Keeping You Comfortable All Year Round

The wet and cooler season in Auburn is fast approaching. Unless you do something about it now, you’ll probably be in for a shock once your bill arrives as your energy consumption soars. One way of making sure that you’ll … Continue reading

5 Questions to Help You Find the Right Roofing Contractor

If you’re thinking about replacing your roofing in Des Moines, you should do it before the rainy season. In a city like Des Moines, where drizzling weather could mean eventual downpours or rain for days on end, it is highly … Continue reading

GAF MasterElite Contractor: What Does It Mean To Be One?

You have decided to replace your old roof but you’re still hesitant as to which roofing contractors in Kent you will call for this job. You probably heard about fly-by-night contractors and even some scammers victimizing homeowners all over the … Continue reading