Roof Cleaning

The rain and wind we experience here in the Pacific Northwest can be tough on your home’s roof. Blowing debris, leaves and pine needles can settle on a roof and decay, causing damage to shingles, shakes, slate or metal panels. Left unchecked, this can shorten the useful life of a roof by several years.

Tedrick’s Roofing offers professional roof cleaning services for homes in the Seattle, Tacoma and Auburn region. By having our WA roofing experts clean your roof at least once per year, you can be sure that the job will be done thoroughly and completely, without damaging the roof.

A clean Seattle roofing sytem is a happy roofing system, and a happy roof provides better protection for a longer period of time. Call the roofing contractor Auburn, Seattle, and Tacoma count on, Tedrick’s Roofing, today to schedule a professional roof cleaning.