Insurance / Mitigation

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover roof damage caused by storms or high winds. But in order to make the claims process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, you need to work with a professional roofing contractor, Auburn and Seattle area homeowners, who understands the claims process and the requirements of insurance companies.

Tedrick’s Roofing has been conducting roof repairs Kent covered by insurance policies for over 25 years. Our first task is always to make immediate roof repairs to minimize damage and protect your home and family. We want to get your roof repaired and working to its full capacity as quickly as possible. But we also want to make sure you receive the full benefits of your homeowners insurance policy that you deserve.

We have strong working relationships with almost all major insurance companies, and are able to provide the paperwork and documentation necessary to file a complete insurance claim.

When damage to your roof occurs, the professional roofing contractors Des Moines trusts, Tedrick’s Roofing’s Seattle will provide photographic and/or video evidence to fully document the extent of the repairs necessary. We will also provide a written evaluation and written estimate to be filed with your insurance company in order to speed the claims process.