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Newcastle Residential Roofing


If you require residential roofing in Newcastle, WA, Tedrick's roofing is the company you should call. Our Newcastle residential roofing professionals are the most trusted local roofers for the job. You can rely on our Newcastle residential roofing contractors to keep your home safe from adverse weather changes.

Our Newcastle residential roofing technicians come with a particular skill-set and years of experience that will be beneficial in accomplishing the task.

Our Newcastle residential roofing professionals will select the suitable materials and do the installations for you. Our Newcastle residential roofing contractors always ensure that they follow the necessary safety guidelines that enhance safe installation and repair. Our Newcastle residential roofing professionals aim to earn your trust first. Therefore, every payment is made after the job is done.

Our Newcastle residential roofing services include:

  • Roof inspection services
  • Roofing estimate services
  • Roof cleaning services
  • Roof repair services

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Newcastle Residential Roofers


When it comes to looking for Newcastle residential roofers, you need the best of all to handle your roofing project. Never let a leaky roof or a damaged one put your family at risk when you can reach out to our Newcastle residential roofers.

Our Newcastle residential roofers are professionals that have received massive training when it comes to matters relating to residential roofing. When you hire our Newcastle residential roofers, you get to receive different insights on roofing services available.

Our newcastle residential roofers advise you on the types of materials you should opt for and the different roofing styles that will be best for your home.

Another essential thing about our Newcastle residential roofers is that they have a variety of roofing systems. They will guide you through the pros and cons of shingle roofs, slate, metal, wood shakes and flat roofs.

Services offered by our Newcastle residential roofers are:

  • Roof replacement services
  • Shingle roof installation
  • Roof removal services
  • Roof moss removal

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Newcastle Residential Roof Contractor


From the moment our Newcastle residential roof contractor comes to your propoerty, you will be assured of the best services. Our Newcastle residential roof contractor will come to you and assess your roof before the work begins.

Our Newcastle residential roof contractor has been trained to determine even the problems you may never have noticed on your roof. This is because other than the primary services you may require for your roof, our Newcastle residential roof contractor can fix the other issues that arise.

This way, you do not get the need to hire other roofers in future.

Our Newcastle residential roof contractor has been certified. This guarantees the fact that you will receive a roofing service experience that is relaxing and stress-free. A Newcastle residential roof contractor does everything with professionalism that will appeal to you as the client.

Services by our Newcastle residential roof contractor include:

  • Metal roof installation
  • Slate roof repair
  • Roof leak detection
  • Roof maintenance

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